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Annual URS Ceremonies:


The URS Ceremony of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti R.A. has been performing In the Islamic month of ‘Rajab”, and start from Chandrat (at appearance of the moon in the sky). This ceremony has been celebrating from 1st to 6th Rajab. Shadiyane (Drums) are beating in the Dargah premises at Buland Darwaja since moon appearing, this is the symbol of starting the URS ceremony. The daily functions and ceremonies are change at that time, which are generally held at the Holy Dargah.  The main entrance of the Holy Tomb is kept open through out the day and night except 2 or 3 hours in night during all six days of URS ceremony. The Jannati Darwaja also keep open whole six days. All other daily and weekly programme is suspended and few functions and ceremonies commence from Chandrat, which details are as:


Shadiyane (Drums) are beating in the Dargah premises at Buland Darwaja since moon appearing in the sky, this is the symbol of starting the URS ceremony. After ISHA Prayer, The Hereditary staff of Dargah Sharif along with Marshals and Candle Lamps coming at Sajjadanashin sahib Haveli and invite Sajjadanashin sahib for URS Ceremonies. Than Sajjadanashin sahib wear the Chishtiya Jubbah Mubarak (Kesariya or light orange colour) and ready to go with them along with their successor and other family members.
In front, the Mashalchi and Candle lamp people, then the Hereditary staff of Dargah Sharif are going to Khankah of Hazrat Garib Nawaz along with holy Sajjadanashin sahib. Firstly the Sajjadanashin sahib goes to Khanqah (situated behind the Mehfilkhana) of Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz R.A. and seat on the separate Gaddi in Khankah nearer the GADDI of Hazrat Garib Nawaz R.A., till the Hereditary staff has been informing the readiness of Mehfilkhana. This separate Gaddi is placed their till the last Qul-Rasm.


The Mehfilkhana has been fully decorated like to be a Durbar of Emperor. The Hereditary staff people were coming at Khankah and request to Sajjadanashin sahib to come in Mehfilkhana. The Sajjadanashin arrive and seat on Special Seat (called Gaddi) under the Shamiyana (Special tent) in the center of Mehfilkhana front side. Than, The Hereditary staff  people place DastarKhwan (Dining table cloth) in front of Sajjadanashin and place the Tabarrukat (Sweets) of Batasha. Than, The Fatehakhwan recite the Fateha.
After that the Chobdar introducing the first and second choki of Qawwal’s. And the Qawwal’s are made Salam to Sajjadanashin sahib.

The Tabarrukat has been distribute first to Sajjadanashin sahib, than those people who seat nearer the Sajjadanashin sahib, than Qawwal parties and others. After that the Qawwal starts Qawwali, and these Sufi Qalam’s of Qawwali are proceeding full night.All India famous Qawwal’s are coming from famous Dargah and Khanqah to recite qawwalies. Only those qawwal parties are recite their Qalam, who’s having permission of Sajjadanashin sahib.The qawwal parties were grant permission priorly by given their name and information in the register at Sajjadanashin Haveli. Then Sajjadanashin sb make a list of qawwal parties according to their sequence. In between the Mehfil, the Hereditary staffs are come and give information about the cleaning of Mazar (Like Removing of Flowers, Chadar’s and cleaning of Mazar of Hazrat Garib Nawaz R.A.) and invite to Sajjadanashin sahib for Rasm-e-Gusl.

After complete preparation of Gusl ceremony in the holy Shrine, The Hereditary staff  come and reporting about the preparation and request to Sajjadanashin sahib for Rasm-e-Gusl. Than Sajjadanashin sahib go with them inside the tomb by the way of Jannati Darwaja, and change the Chishtiya Jubbah Mubarak with Sufiyana Jubbah Mubarak (in White colour) and go inside the shrine. At that time the Astana of Shrine is leaved by others. There are only seven Haft-ChokiBaridar (Khadim or their nominator); two police officers and One Bhishti (Water Supplier People) are there inside the Tomb along with Sajjadanashin sahib and their nominators. Only these people are permissible in the tomb at the time of Rasm-e-Gusl. Now the Holy Mazar opened and Sajjadanashin sahib start the Gusl by their both hands. Two Haft-ChokiBaridar pour the water and Remains all are standing on other side of the Astana and giving the materials for Gusl ceremony.
The holy Sajjadanashin sahib himself gives Gusl to Mazar and paste the Sandal on Astana-Mazar. Than Sajjadanashin sahib placed the Chadar sharif and do Gulposhi (Flowers of Gulab) on Mazar.
This Rasm-e-Gusl is made by only and only Sajjadanashin sahib and these process are still in force since a long ago (Mugal emperor periods). This Rasm-e-Gusl is doing continuously from Chandrat to 5th Rajab daily.

After that the holy Sajjadanashin change the Sufiyana Jubbah Mubarak and again wear Chishtiya Jubbah Mubarak and return to Mehfilkhana. Whenever Sajjadanashin arrive in Mehfilkhana, then serve tea first to Sajjadanashin then serve to others who are in Mehfilkhana.
In the end of Mehfil made Fatehakhwani and distribute Tabarrukat like Sharbat, Sandal and Pan. This Mehfil has been finished before the prayer of Fazar.


On 5th Rajab, The Mehfil held in Khankah of Hazrat Garib Nawaz R.A. after the Johar Prayer (at 2.00 P.M.). Where all the Sajjadanashin of others Dargah of India, Sufi’s and Pilgrims are participate in this Mehfil. The Qawwal parties are reciting Sufi Qawwalies and their Khankah-Qalam’s. All Sajjadanashin of other Dargah, Sufi’s and Jaireen given “Nazrana-e Akidat” to The holy Sajjadanashin Hazrat Zainul Abedin Sahib. The Namaz-e-Asar held with Zamat in Khankah. After that Fatehakhwani made by Fatehakhwan and distribute Tabarrukat to all of them.


The Qul ceremony are held on the 6th Rajab, this day is very important and the last day of URS. This ceremony starts from 9:00 A.M. in the morning at Mehfilkhana, with Quran-Khwani (the recitation of Quran Mazid). The Holy Sajjadanashin Hazrat Zainul Abedin Ali Khan sahib arrive in Mehfilkhana at 11:00 A.M. and recite One Ruku of Quran Majid, then the Rasm of Qul in proceed. The Qawwal parties recite the Qalams, then recite Rang (Special Qalam of Qul), after that  they recite Badhawa(Sufi Qalam). Then Fatehakhwan made Fatehakhwani and The Hereditary staff people made Dastarbandi (Wear Pagdi on the Head) to the Sajjadanashin sahib in their respect. After that  The Sajjadanashin sahib go with Hereditary staff in the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Garib Nawaz R.A. and Seat Nearer the Head side of Mazar (Sirhane)and recite Fateha of Qul and deemed Dua of  the Pleasant, Health, Wealth for all of the people, who are attend or who are live on the earth. Then Sajjadanashin sahib returns to Mehfilkhana by the way of Begami-Dalan. Then Sajjadanashin sahib made Dastarbandi of Hereditary staff and return to their parental Haveli. In Haveli, the Sajjadanashin sahib has given Gift to Hereditary staff and made Dastarbandi of Jaireen’s. After that the Sajjadanashin sahib made Langar (Special food) to all people who are there in Haveli and then Seeoffs to all.